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Madagascar 2009
The goal is to be the first team to canoe down from the upper part of Mananantanana River

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Rune Gjeldnes (Exp.Leader) Hilde Aass _
Rune Gjeldnes is about to commence on a new adventure. This time crevasses and freezing temperatures has been replaced with white water rapids and a canoe. The objective is to become the first team to canoe down from the upper part of Mananantanana River from a height of 1000 m, down to the main river, Mangoky, and all the way out to the coastline. It is the first of four challenging river expeditions. The ultimate goal is to canoe most challenging river on four islands, and to experience the contrasts between them

Great Lakes Adventure
Ann and Liv has paddled the Great Lakes

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Liv Arnesen _Ann Bancroft _
Our goal on our Great Lakes Adventure has been to interact with people, share stories in person, and encourage people to consider their dreams and take steps to achieve them. We've been amazed and gratified by the response we've received as we have made our way across North America's Great Lakes.

Human Power Round The World
A canoe and cycle expedition from London to Sydney by human power, no trains, planes, buses or boats.

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Andrew McLaughlin _Richard McLaughlin _
The Triumphant Arrival in the Harbour City 22nd Feb 2001 - 17 months exactly since our departure from Greenwich and 519 days and somewhere between twenty seven and twenty eight thousand kilometres later. The expedition has made it around the world. Battling across the channel, whizzing through Europe, across the deserts of the Middle East, up and over the Tibetan Plateau, down through the humid jungles of South East Asia and finally across the mighty expanse of Australia's Outback.

Canadian Quest ' 98
First unsupported canoe expedition from the West Coast to the East coast of Canada

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The Merevari Expedition
First canoe expedition down the Merevari river. 650km in 5 weeks

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Rune Gjeldnes (Exp.Leader) Gerd Altmann _Per Arne Fossheim _David Hemplemann-Adams _Bjørn Loe _
The first expedition to successfully canoe the upper part of the Merevari River, Venezuela. The 660 km long expedition from the source of Merevari to Entre Rios lasted more than 5 weeks, in some of the worlds most virgin and unexplored jungle.

The Amazon Expedition 1995
1,200 mile expedition on foot and by kayak into a remote area of the Brazilian Amazon Rain Forest

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Bill Thayer (Exp.Leader) Helen Thayer _
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