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Madagascar 2009 Expedition  (7/21/2009)
Rune Gjeldnes is about to commence on a new adventure. This time crevasses and freezing temperatures has been replaced with white water rapids and a canoe. The objective is to become the first team to canoe down from the upper part of Mananantanana River from a height of 1000 m, down to the main river, Mangoky, and all the way out to the coastline. It is the first of four challenging river expeditions. The ultimate goal is to canoe most challenging river on four islands, and to experience the contrasts between them
Madagascar Expedition 2009
Ten Year Anniversary on top of the world  (4/6/2008)
Rune Gjeldnes & David Hempleman-Adams is once again on top of the world fighting crevasses and freezing temperatures on their anniversary quest to the North Pole. This time they are also joined by another Hempleman-Adams, David's 15 years old daughter Camilla. If successful she will be the youngest British woman to ski to the North Pole. The 80 mile trek commences out of the Russian ice station Borneo and they are estimated to reach the pole in 10 days, the 14th of April.
Rune Gjeldnes
A Great Success!  (2/3/2006)
Arrived Terra Nova at 02.00 CET today!
Rune Gjeldnes - the first person to ski un-supported across both the poles! Across the Arctic Ocean, from Severnaya Zemlya in Russia via the North Pole to Cape Discovery in Canada in the year 2000 and now across the Antarctic continent from Queen Mauds Land via the South Pole to Victoria Land.In addition Rune skied across Greenland lengthways from Cap Farewell to Cap Morris Jessup in 1996. With that, Rune has completed the gruelling explorers Grand Slam - skiing un-supported across the three largest ice caps in the world!
Across Greenland in 1996, 2895 kilometres in 86 days.
Across Arctic Ocean in 2000, 2100 kilometres in 109 days.
Across Antarctica in 2005-2006, 4804 kilometres in 90 days.

Rune celebrating the success!
New World Record  (1/9/2006)
Today at 08.36 CET Rune Gjeldnes kited past the position 77.27S, 135.50E and took back the world record. The Norwegian explorer Rune Gjeldnes is now the world record holder for the longest unsupported ski-trek in history! The previous record were held by the two Norwegian explorers Eirik Sønneland and Rolf Bae from their 3800 kilometres ski expedition across Antarctica in 2000. Gjeldnes still has about 1000 kilometres left on his expedition, and is expected to reach his destination Terra Nova Bay around the 12th of February.
Photo: Rune Gjeldnes
The Longest March - update  (12/12/2005)
The Norwegian explorer Rune Gjeldnes has been in Antarctica for five weeks, and has covered 1.575 of the total 4.600 kilometres. He is at position 84.25S – 12.29E, and has approximately 620 kilometres left to reach the South Pole. This is a major waypoint for Rune, and a pole that he is about to visit for the first time. Rune has been to the North Pole several times, latest in 2000 when he skied across the Arctic Ocean from Russia via the North Pole to Canada, unsupported with his partner Torry Larsen. Rune is looking forward to reach the pole, but most of all leave it behind him, since the pole is only half way to his real goal, a complete crossing of Antarctica, and the longest ski trek ever made.
Rune resting on his sledge
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